What is Coconut milk powder? Application in cuisine and life
Coconut powder is not like other types of flour made from nuts, beans, beans or cereals. Coconut powder is processed by concentrating coconut milk. Used as a food or as a preparation in cooking.
What is wheat flour (all purpose flour)? Roles and applications
When making cakes or cooking, may be you have heard about a variety of dough. Which is tapioca starch, wheat flour, kudzu flour, rice flour ... Only wheat flour, there are many types. But for many people, without much knowledge about wheat flour, they will not know the different types. Let's ...
What is corn starch ? The use of corn starch in cuisine
In many baking recipes you will hear about corn starch pretty much. However, many people wonder what is corn starch, what is the composition of corn starch, and many women still ask corn starch is Tapioca starch? To answer the questions we read the following article.
What is rice flour? How to make rice flour?
Rice flour is an indispensable ingredient in many dishes and delicious cakes of Vietnamese cuisine. Rice flour is widely used from the South to the North. So, in this article we will learn about this type of material, to see what is rice flour and refer to how to make simple rice flour at home!
What is Tapioca starch? The use of tapioca starch in baking
Tapioca Starch (known as Tapioca Starch) is known as a common flour used in many recipes or cakes. The type of dough is able to create a consistency for the dish without changing the flavor of the dish. Many people wonder with Takyfood what is tapioca starch, ingredients and uses, let's find ...