How to make sweet and sour sauce Ho fish with delicious with rice

Date 17 month 01 year 2019

Ho fish is a strange fish for those who are not near the sea. However, it is a very popular fish in the waters of Central and Southern Vietnam and especially in Asian countries like Korea, Japan, China... Ho fish is often used for frying, cook with sauce, cooking soup, ... Today, I am going to show you a new way of processing with the name of sweet and sour Ho fish. With sweet and sour sauce Ho fish, you will see the crispy fragrant fish meat when fried and extremely attractive with the sweet and sour sauce. How to make Ho fish dish is very simple, you can learn how to do it with the recipe below.


Ingredients for making sweet and sour sauce Ho fish for 4 people to eat:


- 2-3 medium sized Ho fish

- A ginger branch

- spring onion: 2-3 branches

- 15g Taky corn starch


- Spices: 15ml alcohol, 10ml soy sauce, 15ml vinegar, 30g sugar,, 100ml water, low salt

How to make sweet and sour sauce Ho fish for 4 people to eat:

Step 1: Processing of sweet and sour sauce Ho fish

- Ginger you shave clean, cut into small pieces.


- Scallions you picked clean, washed with water and chopped a little remaining you cut.

- Ho fish you clean the fish, cut the bite to taste, drain.

Step 2: the steps to make sweet and sour sauce Ho fish.

- First we will marinate the fish.


- You put the Ho fish into a large bowl, continue to cut spring onion, 1/2 of ginger, salt mixed.


- After that, you add wine, Taky corn starch with the weight mentioned above, you all shock the fish bowl for spice infused fish.

- You marinated the fish for about 30 minutes.

- Next step, you guys put a pan on the stove, add a lot of cooking oil to heat.


- When Boiling oil, you put the Ho fish to fry.

- During the frying process, you should pay attention to fry the fish both sides so that the fish has a nice golden brown color.


- When the fish is cooked, you take out the fish to drain.

- Next, we'll make the sauce.


- You guys put another pan on the stove, add a little more cooking oil.

- Then you put the rest of ginger, chopped spring onion into aromatic.


- Next, you add spices including soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, a little salt, water to the mixed.


- When the sauce is hot, you put the Ho fish into the mixed.


- Until you see the sauce is mixed into the fish and only the paste, then you turn off the heat.


- Take the fish to a plate and eat it right away with the rice.

Note when making sweet and sour sauce Ho fish.

- To eat fish very delicious, you should eat while hot sauce. Ho fish, when marinated with ginger and wine, will help fish not to fishy and increase the delicious taste of the fish.

- With this method, you can replace it with other lean fish without bones.

- Ho fish is a kind of fish with long body, silvery color so it looks very eye-catching, Ho fish has many bones but concentrates on the spine but not the bone, so it is easy to filter the bone. Ho fish is very solid and solid, so when you eat sweet and sour sauce Ho fish, you will see that the fish meat is crispy outside, tight inside the fish meat is soft and fragrant. Ho fish has very high nutritional value, moderate price is only about 70,000-75,000 VND / kg so it is very popular, especially in some countries such as Japan, Korea, China, ...

With this sweet and sour sauce Ho fish dish, you can enrich the family's menu. The simple way, the ingredients are easy to find so any woman can complete this dish. The Ho fish is a marine fish, so it contains a lot of DHA, an essential nutrient for babies of growing age. Therefore, the addition of marine fish to the daily diet is essential. Sweet and sour sauce fish dish is very delicious, easy to eat for all ages, so it will definitely be a smart choice for your loved ones.

I wish you success and have a delicious meal with sweet and sour sauce Ho fish dish!

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