How to make creamy broccoli soup to release heat

Date 23 month 01 year 2019

On hot days of summer, weather make you feel uncomfortable and tired. So now is the time when your body is warning you to be deficient in many vitamins, minerals and water due to sweating. And to improve that situation, today I'm going to show you how to make a delicious and incredibly nutritious creamy broccoli soup. Creamy broccoli soup with main ingredients is broccoli, chicken breast, whipped cream combined with some other spices to create a dish similar to chicken soup that will cool down the body immediately. Moreover, creamy broccoli soup is extremely low in fat, so you can eat a lot without having to worry about your weight problem. 

The way to do it is very simple, please refer to the recipe below to make it right away.


Ingredients to make creamy broccoli soup for 4-5 people:

–        300g chicken breast

–        6 Celery

–        1/2 broccoli

–        1 medium size white onion

–        2 Garlic

–        1 or 2 cans of whipping cream.

–        1/2 bowl of Taky multi-purpose wheat flour


–        1/2 cup of unsalted butter or cooking oil.

–        Seasoning: salt, pepper

How to cook creamy broccoli soup for 4-5 people:

Step 1: preprocessing materials.

–        Chicken breast: cleaned and cut into small pieces to boil faster.

–        Celery: cleaned and cut into small pieces.

–        White onion: peeled and cut into small cubes.

–        Broccoli: split into small branches and remove all the outer shell.

–        Garlic: peeled and cut into thin slices or crushed.

Step 2: cooking soup.

–        Preparing a medium-sized pot, add chicken breast and fill in water.


–        Boiled chicken breast with high fire until its soft

–        Drained checken breast out and let it cool down.


–        Using knife to cut chicken into square pieces.


–       At the same time, put 1/2 bowl of chicken broth to separate.

–       Next, still the pot of chicken broth, turn on the stove and boil with medium fire. If your family like to eat a lot of soup, add more hot boiling water.


–        Then, wait for the pot of chicken broth to boil, then you put broccoli into it. We are going to boil until the broccoli is almost ripe and turn yellow.


–        Next, add chicken breast, white onion and celery and stir with spoon.

–        Adjust fire to lowest level.

–        Next, put another pot on the stove, medium fire.


–        Put unslated butter or cooking oil into pot, stir it with spoon to melt butter.

–        Next, put chicken broth that we put separately in the butter pot, then wheat four.

–        Stir its up with spoon.


–        After the butter sauce pot boils, turn off the heat and quickly pour the butter sauce into the broccoli soup pot. You also stir well to make the pot of soup to dissolve the spices.


–        Next, add whipping cream in the soup


–        Finally, add 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of peper, garlic into the soup. You continue to stir well and then cover the pot, we will continue to boil the soup pot for about 15 to 20 minutes.

–        Note that we just cook with smallest flame.


–        When you eat, scoop the soup into a bowl and can taste more to taste.

Note when cooking creamy broccoli soup:

–      In addition to the above vegetables, you can also add some other vegetables such as carrots, sweet corn,... to make the soup more flavorful and more nutritious.

–        Also in this soup because we want to minimize the fat of the dish, we use chicken breast, but if you like to change, you can replace it with chicken thighs, pork tail bones, pork ribs,...

–        Besides, you should also pay attention that after we add the butter sauce with wheat flour and whipping cream, you should occasionally stir through the pot of soup.

–        Another note that you should not put the butter sauce in the soup pot when the soup pot is boiling, so we always boil broccoli cream soup at the lowest heat.

–       Broccoli cream soup is almost like a very nutritious chicken soup, this dish is not only suitable for cooling cases but also suitable for those who are sick or in the family's regular meals. Not only nutritious, broccoli cream soup is also very delicious, very fragrant, but even your kids who hate to eat vegetables must love this dish.

It only takes you over 1 hour to complete this broccoli cream soup. Therefore, it is not difficult for everyone in your family to enjoy the delicious food made by your own hands every day. You should be a good housewife, a great mother from such simple and simple meals.

Good luck and enjoy with delicious creamy broccoli soup!

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