How to make Taro cake blend meat crispy fry for dinner

Date 17 month 01 year 2019

Taro cake blend meat crispy fry is a new variation of traditional potato cake. Taro cake blend meat crispy fry with beautiful little, eye-catching bright yellow color. When eating, you will see crispy strands of Taro wrapped around the sweet meat inside, certainly when eaten with rice you will see crushed immediately. In addition, you can also use Fried Taro cake blend meat to make snacks with Chili sauce on weekends. It is too attractive, isn't it? So invite the whole family to track how to do right below.


Ingredients to make Taro cake blend meat crispy fry for 4-5 people:

- 300g taro.

- 100g Taky crispy fry mix.


- 50g lean pork.

- Cooking oil.

- 120ml water.

- Spices: monosodium glutamate, broth mix, Chili sauce, pepper.

How to make taro cake blend meat crispy fry for 4-5 people:

Step 1: Preparation of ingredients to make Taro cake blend meat crispy fry.


- First, you peel off taro skin, wash and shred into shreds.


- Lean pork you put into a blender puree or minced.

- Taky crispy fry mix, you mix with water, pay attention to stir continuously so that the dough is dissolved without lumps.


- After that, you add 1 teaspoon of monosodium glutamate, 1/2 teaspoon of broth mix, 1 teaspoon of pepper mix all with the flour.

Step 2: the steps to make Taro cake blend meat crispy fry.


- First, you put the lean pork meat into the flour bowl, you stir the flour bowl many times to the pork.


- After that, you put the mixture of flour and meat into the taro grated, knead carefully to get the mixture of flour - meat - taro together as shown in the picture.

- Next, you put a pan on the stove, add a lot of cooking oil to heat. The amount of oil to flood the bread into your offline.


- When the cooking oil boils, you use a spoon to scoop each part of the meat taro mixture we just kneaded into the fry, with each part of the cake mixture so that they have a little distance so they don't stick together.

- When the gold on one side of the cake, you turn it over, fry the second side of the cake.


- After the frying, you take out the bread and drain the oil, put the cake in a paper towel soaked in oil again before eating.


- You present the cake on a plate, dot cake with chili sauce or chili sauce, eat hot immediately with delicious new rice.

Note when making taro cake blend meat crispy fry.

- For Taro cake blend meat crispy fried is crispy, beautiful gold as the name implies, when you give the oil you pay attention to give a lot. For fried foods with flour, when we add a lot of cooking oil, the cake will not be soaked in oil and also become a lot better.

- Besides, when kneading meat, Taro and flour, the mixture we get must be very thick and do not need too much flour, just help the taro and meat blend together. Of course there are many people who like to eat flour, so please adjust it accordingly

- For the pork, you choose lean shoulder and lean meat completely. Because if you choose the meat with fat phase, it will be very tired when eating, the lean shoulder meat is soft and not dry so it is very delicious.

- For taro, you should choose high taro, yellowish color, taro is tainted and tastier than other taro. However, taro will cause confusion with those with sensitive skin, so you should pay attention to wear plastic gloves when peeling and washing the Taro.

- Each taro cake blend meat crispy fry fragrant golden that just saw it made me drool. When eating, the taro crust is crispy on the outside, the soft fleshy flesh inside blends with the typical aroma of pepper to help you have a great dinner.

How to make taro cake blend meat crispy fry is not difficult, isn't it. The cost of the dish is also very reasonable but full of nutrients so any housewife mother can make this new taro cake. On weekends and nights when the family is full, please prepare to cook and cook delicious taro cake blend meat crispy fry for the whole family to enjoy.

I wish you success and have a delicious dinner with taro cake blend meat crispy fry!

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