What is Coconut milk powder? Application in cuisine and life

Date 27 month 12 year 2018

Coconut milk powder is one of the ingredients for cooking delicious food, for those who like the delicate sweet taste of coconut, this is a taste not to be missed.


What is Coconut powder?

Coconut powder is not like other types of flour made from nuts, beans, beans or cereals. Coconut powder is processed by concentrating coconut milk. Used as a food or as a preparation in cooking.

1. Coconut Powder is Used As A Delicious Ingredients In Food And Beverages.


Coconut coffee is having Hot young people

Making coffee:

Your coffee will have a natural sweetness and refreshing coconut flavor without refined sugar.

Mixed nuts milk:

Coconut powder will increase the smell of cool coconut and reduce the taste of milk. Your milk glass beads will become easier to drink.

Extremely good beverage:

Coconut milk powder dissolves with water and adds a little sugar, milk, ice is already having a glass of cool water for active summer days.

Coconut milk powder makes delicious desserts such as ice cream, cakes, candy and sweet gruel.

Coconut milk powder cooks salty dishes:

The flavor of coconut milk blended together will make the meat softer, sweeter. Broth is mixed with coconut milk is also very tasty, charming unforgettable


Curry flavored with coconut powder will be very special.

2. Coconut Powder is a healthy food.

Coconut powder is a prized health product. Coconut flour is high in fiber, protein and healthy fats, which contain sugars, carbohydrates and easily digestible calories that wheat and other grains don't have.


Coconut powder is assessed as very good for the heart

Help in metabolism:

Coconut powder contains high levels of saturated fat. These healthy fats create energy and support metabolism, blood sugar balance.

Provide plenty of fiber:

The fiber in coconut powder acts as a food to feed beneficial bacteria in the gut. Helps to prevent and reduce symptoms related to Crohn's disease, intestinal disorders syndrome.

Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels:

Coconut powder is a food that has a low glycemic index and does not raise blood sugar levels. Coconut powder is a healthy food for people with diabetes or desire to lose weight healthily.

Reduce cholesterol:

Coconut powder may also support heart health. Coconut powder has this positive effect because it provides a lot of soluble and insoluble fiber with a healthy fat content.


Healthy food for people who are looking forward to a healthy weight loss.

3. Coconut Powder As A Great Beauty Material For Women.

Coconut is definitely one of the familiar beauty ingredients of women. Let's find out some effective ways of beauty from a new rookie: "coconut powder".


Mask from coconut powder helps women have smooth skin.

When regularly bathing with water mixed with coconut powder will help skin become brighter. In particular, children bathing coconut water regularly will help eliminate the risk of heat rash.

Mix coconut powder with unsweetened yogurt or unsweetened milk or pure water to make a mask. Regular masks help brighten your face and eliminate the risk of "visiting" acne. Especially coconut powder used as a mask will make dry skin become soft, moist.

Mixing coconut powder in shampoo will help your hair become shiny. This shampoo is especially suitable for oily scalp.

You can handle dandruff hair by applying coconut powder mixed with water and leave overnight, shampooing with shampoo in the morning. Using this method 2 times a week you will see dandruff significantly reduced.


Bathing with coconut powder works great for your skin

With its great effects, coconut powder deserves a reputation as a useful, healthy ingredient in beauty care, health and food processing. Hopefully this article can help you in using coconut powder.

Takyfood coconut milk powder is the most prestigious brand trusted today

Where to buy Coconut milk powder (coconut milk)?

You can buy coconut milk powder at a supermarket or grocery store. Prices range from 11,000 - 13,000 / 50G. Usage is quite easy, you just need to see the instruction manual printed on the packaging Coconut milk powder usually has a short shelf life, so when opening the packaging, you should use immediately to avoid damage.

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