Studying Japanese makes tempura crispy vegetables to eat forever

Date 11 month 01 year 2019

Hello friends! Taky Food in today's article would like to introduce to you how to make crispy tempura to make Tet more interesting. Tempura is an extremely famous traditional fried dish of the Land of the Rising Sun. This dish is loved by many people because the bright yellow skin is just attractive, taking a bite will make you feel the crunchiness and freshness of the ingredients. With the utmost creativity in their cuisine, Japanese people use shrimp, vegetables, eggs, ... and hundreds of different ingredients to make this dish. The delicious tempura in the shell is moderately prepared and the ingredients inside must be really fresh, so that if you mix the right flour, the oil soup and the heat, this dish will be extremely crispy and extremely long lasting.

Here is the secret to making Tempura crunchy by experts Taky share, please refer to it:

Prepare ingredients to make vegetables tempura


- Taky tempura powder: To make the standard tempura powder, you buy separately the Taky brand tempura powder sold at the supermarket, then mix with water in a ratio of 1: 1. You can also add chicken eggs if you like. The powder after finishing should have a moderate viscosity, so that it can cling to the surface of vegetables most easily.


- Cooking oil: The secret to making delicious Japanese tempura is the special oil, to make this oil, you can mix sesame oil and cooking oil to make the tempura smell more complete. The standard fried temperature that Japanese people often use is about 160 ° C - 180 ° C. Especially to maintain this temperature, such as new dishes are cooked evenly and beautiful yellow, at the same time the ingredients inside do not dry.

- Vegetables: The type of vegetable material you can choose is very diverse: coffee, bitter cabbage, melon, cauliflower, melon flower, okra, cabbage ... For delicious food, remember to choose fresh ingredients latest, pay attention to rinse and cut into thin pieces to taste.


How to make vegetable tempura

Step 1: Start frying tempura, first you need to let the tubers dry out the wash water, so that the dish will stick to the dough. Then, you cook the stove, put the oil in a pan and wait for the oil to boil. To test the frying oil temperature, you can add a few drops of the dough to the pan, if the dough quickly rises and floats, the temperature is right.

Step 2: Use the chopsticks to pick up the prepared vegetables into the prepared dough, paying attention so that the ingredients stick to the dough. Then, quickly drop the vegetables into the pan and fry until the dough turns golden. In order to prevent the dough from burning, make sure the fire is not too large, so maintain moderate heat.


Step 3: When tempura is cooked, remove it to put on oil absorbent paper. A delicious vegetable tempura is often served with chutney, mayonnaise or soy sauce.

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