Strange new lotus root dish with fried minced meat

Date 10 month 01 year 2019

Lotus root is a delicious and refreshing food that is good for health. Let's learn how to make crispy minced lotus root with Taky Food.


Lotus root



Scallions, ginger


Taky crispy batter

Spices: Soy sauce, seasoning seeds, pepper ...

How to make deep fried lotus root dish


Step 1: Mince meat.

Step 2: Finely chopped shiitake mushrooms, scallions, ginger.


Step 3: Add the mushrooms, scallions, ginger to the minced meat. Add spices according to your liking, mix well.

Step 4: After being processed, the lotus root will be cut 5mm thick. Be careful not to cut but leave a space between the two circles as shown. Then soak in salt water, picked up to drain.


Step 5: Knead the mixed meat between two slices of lotus root.

Step 6: Roll through a layer of fried dough.


Step 7: Stir the eggs in a bowl. After rolling the lotus root into dough, dip it into an egg layer.

Step 8: Pour the lotus root into a frying pan until golden evenly.



The fried lotus root minced meat is complete

The dish of lotus root with minced fried meat looks strange and delicious, isn't it? Go to the kitchen to cook this dish for the whole family to enjoy.

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