Enjoy a pair of fried fish soaked in beer and potatoes.

Date 16 month 01 year 2019

Fish and potatoes are an immortal couple that cannot be separated from each other in the cuisine of the United Kingdom since the second half of the century XIX and now it is also very popular in other countries around the world. Although it's just fried fish and chips, you will definitely be surprised and excited to taste English-style fried fish. Because the fish is elaborately marinated as well as more unique creating a new flavor and extremely attractive. Try changing the usual way with the recipe of Taky Food to enjoy the delicious duo breaded with fish and potatoes!


Ingredients to make fish soaked in beer and potatoes for 4-5 people:

- Two large pieces of fillet (cod or haddock)

- ½ liter of vegetable oil

- 200g Tempura Taky powder


- 1 teaspoon baking powder

- 1 egg

- 250ml of beer

- 1 teaspoon of salt

- Pepper

- French fries potatoes

How to make fish soaked in beer and potatoes for 4-5 people to eat:

Step 1: Prepare ingredients.


- The fillet is washed and drained, or you can use paper towels to clean the fish meat.


- Then, you use your hand to gently swipe along the piece of fish to check if there are bones or not and then cut the fish meat into smaller pieces. This will be really important for families with young children.

- Chicken eggs you smash into a bowl

- Potatoes fries, remember to wrap tightly to avoid losing the crispness of the potato.

Step 2: The steps to make fish soaked in beer and potatoes.


- You prepare a large bowl and then put in the dry ingredients including Taky tempura powder, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon pepper and baking powder. Then, you use whisk to mix the ingredients well together.


- Next, you put the beer in the chicken egg bowl and use whisk to beat it really well. You pay attention to hit hard a little, so that the eggs and beer mix as well as possible.


- After that, you put the egg egg mixture in the flour bowl and continue to mix so that we get a very fine, slightly thickened dough and no lumps.


- Next, you add vegetable oil in the pan and heat over medium heat. The best temperature for frying fish is about 191 degrees Celsius, you can use a thermometer to check this.


- In the next step, you put the fillet pieces in the flour bowl, we will pay attention to the fish submerged offline.


- Before frying the fish, to check if the cooking oil is enough to boil, you can put a little flour in the pan like this.


- Then, you carefully put the fish into the pan to fry.


- For each side of the fish, fry for 4-7 minutes or until it is yellow, then turn to fry the remaining fish

- When the fish is cooked, you take out the fish to drain, and put the fish in a tissue to absorb excess oil.


- Finally, present the fish and potatoes to a plate, served with the sauce while it's still hot.

Note when making fish soaked in beer and potatoes:

- When frying the fish, you should not let the fire is too large, but only on medium or small scale to avoid burning fish and drying meat.

- Similarly, when fried cod we will have to add a lot of oil to beautiful yellow fish and not soaked in oil.

- Another note that before you put the batter into the fish, you pay attention to wipe the fish dry completely because if the fish get water, it will reduce the brittleness.

Fried fish soaked in beer and potatoes will be a great highlight on the dining table or even at a small family party. With the seductive aroma and the uneasy taste of each piece of fish mingled with the crunchiness and frown of potatoes, this is definitely an extremely luxurious dish that you cannot ignore.

I wish you success and enjoy your meal with this pair of fish soaked in beer and potatoes!

(According to Wikihow)

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