How To Make Pineapple Kuih Dadar - A Southeast Asian Cake

Date 26 month 12 year 2018

Kuih dadar cake is a famous pastry in Southeast Asia especially in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, .... Kuih dadar cake has a lot of different variations and today I will guide you. Making pineapple Kuih dadar cake. Kuih dadar cake with main ingredients are flour, butter, eggs, pineapple juice and of course, indispensable pineapple leaves. The skin of the cake is light green, sweet, sweet, filled with the sweetness of palm sugar and coconut, so you will not feel sweet when eating. The soft pineapple leaf Kuih dadar is very similar to the European crepe, so it is also considered as the crepe of Southeast Asia. Would you like to try the wonderful taste of cakes and discover our Southeast Asian cuisine? If you want, please follow the way I made below.


The ingredients for making Kuih dadar pandan leaves for 4-5 people.


- 6-7 pineapple leaves.

- 100g of palm sugar.

- 100g of grated coconut.

- 70ml of water.

- 1/3 teaspoon baking soda powder. ( optional).

- 1 can of coconut milk

- 10g of Taky corn flour

- 120g Taky flour

- 1-2 eggs.

- Green food color (optional)

- A small piece of pale butter.

How to make pineapple Kuih dadar cake for 4-5 people

Step 1: preliminary processing of Kuih dadar leaf pineapple cake.


- Wash your Pandan leaves, separate 1-2 leaves only, and the rest you chopped, put in the basket to drain.

- Open cans of coconut milk.


- Eggs put into a bowl.


- Jaggery of small cells.

Step 2: Steps to make Kuih dadar pandan leaves.


- First, you put the pineapple leaves in the blender, you add a small cup of water and puree the pineapple leaves.


- After grinding is complete, pour the pandan leaf juice into a bowl and have it through a strainer. At the same time, you also squeezed the water from pineapple leaf residue. You follow the image above.


- Next, you put flour in a large bowl, you add baking soda + eggs + pineapple leaf juice + coconut milk, use whisk to beat it evenly, until we are mixed flour Smooth, fine.


- To make the cake color darker, you can add 1-2 drops of food coloring to the dough.

- So we have finished the crust, we will switch to filling the cake offline.


- You put a pot on the stove for about 70ml of water, you drop the remaining pineapple leaves in. But before you drop, make sure to roll the pineapple leaves into a bunch. Add the remaining jaggery sugar, remember to stir constantly to dissolve the sugar.

- Then, you put half of the grated coconut to boil together.

- When the water boils for about 1-2 minutes, drain the sugar out of a bowl through the strainer.


- Continue, you pour the sugar water into the pot to continue cooking, the rest of the coconut yet. At this time, you need to stir the coconut constantly so that the coconut is not stuck to the pot. When you see the mixture of sugar and coconut juice thickening and slightly dry, then turn off the stove and scoop the coconut into a bowl.


- Next, you prepare a large pan and very thick base. Heat the pan on the stove, then cover the pan with a thin layer of butter. So the cake is not sticky but very fragrant.

- When the pan is hot, scoop out a tablespoon of dough in the center of the pan and start using a thin spoon to spread the dough.

- After the crust is cooked, let it cool to a plate.

- You continue to do so for all the flour offline.

- The last step we just wrap the cake is done.


- Spread the crust into a plate, scooping out a spoonful of coconut kernel near the edge of the cake as shown in the picture.


- Then, you roll the cake like when we wrapped spring rolls. You can scroll into a long shape or convert to a square.


- Presenting the cake on a plate we can enjoy it.

Note when making Kuih dadar pineapple cake

- With this cake, we almost have to use jaggery, but for you in case you cannot buy jaggery, you can use brown or molasses.

- When selecting pineapple leaves, you should pay attention to choose really fresh leaves that are not crushed, dark green from beginning to end, do not mix other colors.

- With 2 optional ingredients is baking soda powder and food coloring, I think it should be. Baking soda powder, also known as baking soda, is an almost indispensable additive when making cakes, it helps the cake soft and faster to cook. If you are an important person, you should add green food coloring, this is a safe color that is not as toxic as the chemical color, so you are assured.

- When making Kuih dadar pineapple cake, in all steps you pay attention is to keep the fire low.

- I find it difficult to make a pancake is to choose a pan accordingly, often people have a dedicated pan for making crepes. But in case you do not have, you take advantage of other home appliances such as cast iron pot for example, as long as the bottom of the pot to thick offline.

- Pineapple Kuih dadar leaf cake is a kind of cake for me, it is very special. In addition to the cool blue crust that helps you forget the heat of summer, the filling is filled with the sweet sweetness of jaggery, and when you see it, the greasy toughness of coconut makes anyone ever taste try not to be forgotten. Kuih dadar cakes are very cute and very suitable for holidays, or when you treat friends.

- Not only delicious, palm sugar also acts as a cleansing agent to purify your body, when eating palm sugar it will help you eliminate toxins in the respiratory system, intestinal tract, cleanse. blood, regulating liver function and blood pressure, ... In addition, jaggery we eat a little more and not as hot as white sugar. You should immediately note these useful uses of jaggery.

Just being at home and tasting the cuisines of Southeast Asian countries is so great isn't it. If you are interested, then please roll up your sleeves and prepare a plate of Kuih dadar pineapple leaves. How to make cakes is not difficult, does not cost much money and time and when enjoying it is delicious. So you have to hesitate any longer without embarking on doing immediately.

Wish you success and enjoy your meal with the pineapple Kuih dadar cake!

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