The girl who invented the strange snack: crispy lotus petals

Date 10 month 01 year 2019

The dish is made of flowers that are loved by everyone because of their beauty and delicate aroma, but the crispy lotus is really strange, many people hear it for the first time.


Lotus is a specialty of summer and every bloom this species most people have to buy for themselves a few to bundle to display.

The charming pink lotus flower color and the special aroma make everyone ecstatic. And this flower also always symbolizes romance, elegance, beauty…

The girls are so passionate about this flower, they hug it lovingly to take pictures and post it on social networks.

But the flowers will bloom and the flowers will die and if you leave, it will be very regretful, so a girl named Hoang Dung has devised a way to "embrace the lotus in her lap" by bringing the petals with breaded breadcrumbs to get a crispy snack. delicious bunch hard to resist.


Before turning into a snack, the lotus were sitting in a pretty jar like this.

The ingredients to make this lotus flower dish are simple, just have lotus, flour, eggs, sugar, salt.

The recipe is probably not much different from shrimp or breaded fried bread. And the final product is a golden platter of fried lotus, eaten crispy, fragrant with the smell of eggs and sweet sweet of sugar.


Các bước làm món bánh hoa sen chiên giòn siêu hấp dẫn.

Of course, netizens after seeing this girl's process of making dishes are very surprised: "This is a testament to the creation that humans have always had the instinct to search for food, and food. they can be processed into food. I serve you too, "commented Ngoc Mai account.

"Just imagine the scene where eating this lotus flower is crunchy and salty. Today you might have to try it," Truong Phuong said excitedly.

In addition to comments expressed interest in this delicious dish, some are also very observant when discovered H.D seems to have bought the wrong anemone instead of lotus.

This confusion is very much because the shape they wear together, except kneeling, it is not possible to bloom like a lotus, and very few petals.

"Probably when you buy a kneeling and see that it is not blooming, it is so frustrating to bring fried to return to the delicious dish," Ha Nguyen commented.


And also very quickly, netizens realized that this method of Hoang Dung is quite similar to the lotus cake clip of the famous Chinese girl social network with folk dishes and fairytale life: Ly Tu That


The village girl Ly Tu That also makes this dish.

And not only Hoang Dung, many other hardworking and culinary enthusiasts also showed off their delicious crispy lotus petals.

And the lotus season is almost over, everyone, hurry up and make this delicious dish yourself.

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