TAKYfood E-Shop Regulations

Date 26 month 12 year 2018

I. General principles

1. This Regulation promulgates the mandatory regulations applicable to organizations and individuals participating in transactions on TAKYFOOD.COM.VN with the purpose of creating an environment for trading in food flour products. , ... providing services via e-commerce websites;

2. Organizations and individuals participating in transactions on E-commerce websites (abbreviated as E-commerce) TAKYFOOD.COM.VN shall have to strictly comply with the contents of the regulations;

3. All contents of this Regulation must comply with Vietnam's current legal system. Members participating in the floor must learn their own legal responsibilities, comply with the laws and regulations of E-commerce page.

4. Services participating in transactions at TAKYFOOD.COM.VN must fully meet the provisions of the relevant laws, not falling into the cases of prohibited business, advertising in accordance with the current law.

5. TAKYFOOD.COM.VN's product purchase and sale and service provision through TAKYFOOD.COM.VN are conducted in a public, transparent and guaranteed manner.

II. General rules

2.1. Domain name is: http://TAKYFOOD.COM.VN/

TAKYFOOD.COM.VN e-commerce website developed by Tai Ky Food Flour Corporartion with the domain name: http://TAKYFOOD.COM.VN/. E-commerce page is a place to trade between buyers and TAKYfood and help the process of buying and selling goods and providing services through the network done quickly, completely by integrating the online payment feature.

2.2. Transaction addresss: http://TAKYFOOD.COM.VN/

Apart from the above address, TAKYFOOD.COM.VN does not have any other transaction addresses..

2.3. Scope of activities of E-commerce page:

- Buying and selling TAKYFOOD's products: Food flour such as: wheat flour, rice flour, tapioca flour, fried flour ….

III. Transaction process

TAKYFOOD.COM.VN is built to support customers who want to buy TAKYfood's products online, not only providing full information about the manufacturer but also detailed product details, but also advises on more options to match the product needs of customers.

1. Process for buyers:

When wishing to buy products on TAKYFOOD.COM.VN, customers should follow these steps:

_ Step 1: Visit the website www.TAKYFOOD.COM.VN and place an order for your product.

_ Step 2: Customers check the cart, the terms of service accompanying purchases from TAKYfood.

_ Step 3: Customers place orders

_ Step 4: Customers make payment and receive order information from TAKYfood

2. Process for TAKYFOOD.COM.VN

_ Conduct confirmation and notification of orders to customer

_ Processing orders and shipping goods according to customer requirements

_ Confirm receipt and payment from customers

_ Handling problems arising if any after sales

3. Shipping process:

When ordering successfully, TAKYFOOD.COM.VN will send an email and a confirmation message. TAKYFOOD.COM.VN staff will call to make an appointment then delivery to your place.

4. Process of order confirmation / cancellation:

a. Order confirmation:

- Upon receiving orders from customers. TAKYfood staff will check the order information from the buyer. TAKYfood confirms (by phone / message / mail) to the Buyer whether the order is valid or not and will agree to deliver to the buyer.

- Processing time ranges from 1 hour to 2 days, depending on the payment method the customer chooses and the accuracy of the information the customer provides for us.

b. Order cancellation:

- Buyer may cancel the order before receiving it

5. Warranty process:

TAKYfood conducts warranty of its product if it falls into the following cases:

- The product is still in the warranty period.

- Product defect due to manufacturing by TAKYfood

- Must have enough sale invoice or sales receipt.

TAKYFOOD.COM.VN unfortunately cannot support you in case your product does not meet the above criteria.

6. The process of settling disputes and complaints:

- All disputes arising during the transaction on TAKYFOOD.COM.VN between TAKY FOOD and customers will be negotiated by the parties, in case of failure to resolve, one of the two parties has the right to bring the agencies competent to settle according to law provisions;

- TAKYFOOD.COM.VN is always responsible for receiving and handling customer complaints related to transactions at TAKYFOOD.COM.VN

- TAKYFOOD.COM.VN publicizes the mechanism and process of resolving disputes for related parties, namely: resolving disputes under the agreed agreement exchange mechanism, related parties will follow the awarding process. Indirect exchange by phone, confirmation by email, if not yet agreed, it will be solved through face-to-face meetings to concretize the problem, thoroughly resolve the conflict between the parties so that it is win-win for both sides.

IV. Payment process

TAKYFOOD.COM.VN applies the form of "payment first, receive goods later" in sales transactions between Buyer and Seller, so the payment process will be as follows:

- Step 1: Customer orders

- Step 2: TAKY FOOD staff confirm the order (by phone / text / email)

- Step 3: Customers make payment through the selected form (except for cash on delivery-COD)

- Step 4: The buyer receives and pays the order to the seller's delivery staff for COD payment.

V. Ensuring transaction safety

E-commerce website TAKYFOOD.COM.VN develops a mechanism to ensure transaction safety as follows:

Keeping your information confidential is one of the priorities in order to facilitate the best online shopping for you at TAKYFOOD.COM.VN. TAKY FOOD is committed to using the above information to improve customer service and create a safe, convenient shopping environment at TAKYFOOD.COM.VN.

a. TAKYFOOD.COM.VN commits your information only to:

- Provide a number of utilities, improve the quality of customer support services

- Solving problems, disputes arising from the use of website TAKYFOOD.COM.VN

- Preventing activities that violate Vietnamese law

b. TAKYFOOD.COM.VN commits not to sell or share, resulting in the disclosure of your personal information.

c. However, you should not exchange your payment and delivery information to another third party to avoid information leakage.

d. In addition, you should never use any means to interfere with the system or alter the data structure. We prohibit the distribution, dissemination or encouragement of any activity to interfere, sabotage or infiltrate the website system. All violations will be deprived of all rights and will be prosecuted before the law if necessary. All your information at TAKYFOOD.COM.VN will be kept confidential but in the case required by law, we are required to provide this information to law enforcement.

e. TAKYFOOD.COM.VN understands that your right to protect personal information is also our responsibility, so in case of any questions, comments related to TAKYFOOD's privacy policy, please contact:

Hotline: 1900 6108

Email: info@takyfood.com.vn

VI. Protect customer information

1. Purpose and scope of information collection:

TAKYFOOD.COM.VN does not sell, share or exchange the personal information of customers collected on the website to any third party.
The personal information collected will only be used within the company.

When customers register for an account at TAKYFOOD.COM.VN, the personal information we collect includes:

- Registered name:

- Email:

- Phone number:

- Address:

The above information will be used for one or all of the following purposes:

- Notice of delivery and customer support

- Providing information related to TAKYfood's products and services

- Processing orders and providing services and information through our website at the request of the customer

- In addition, we will use the information provided by customers to support customer account management; confirm and perform financial transactions related to payments (if any) of customers.

Customers can check that information by logging into their own account on the site. There, customers can track the complete details of the completed transactions, as well as manage address information, bank information and newsletters that customers have registered to receive. Customers need to ensure that information is accessed in a confidential manner and not disclosed to an unauthorized third party. We will not be responsible for misuse of passwords unless it is our fault.

2. Scope of using information:

Buyer information will be used by TAKYFOOD.COM.VN to serve the following activities:

- Confirmation and delivery

- Send email introducing new products and the most attractive promotions on TAKYFOOD.COM.VN.

- Support for customer service activities of TAKYFOOD.COM.VN

- Solving problems and disputes arising from customer when using our services

- Preventing activities that violate Vietnamese law.

3. Information storage time

TAKYFOOD.COM.VN will store personal information provided by customers on our internal systems in the course of providing services to customers or until the purpose of collection is collected or when the Customer The goods require cancellation of the information provided.

4. Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information:

E-commerce website TAKYFOOD.COM.VN

Address: 435 Nation Road 13, Hiep Binh Phuoc ward, Thu Duc district, Ho Chi Minh city

Hotline: 1900 6108

Email: info@takyfood.com.vn

5. Method and tools for users to access and edit their personal data:

Customers can update their personal information at any time by logging into the website TAKYFOOD.COM.VN

6. Commitment to protecting customers' personal information:

TAKYFOOD.COM.VN commits not to sell, exchange or share information which leads to the disclosure of Buyer's personal information for commercial purposes, violating the commitments set out in the Privacy Policy customer information.

TAKYFOOD.COM.VN will not share Buyer information except in the following specific cases:

- Upon a legal request from a government agency or when we believe it is necessary and appropriate to comply with legal requirements.

- To protect TAKYFOOD.COM.VN and other third parties: We only give account information and other personal information when we are convinced that giving such information is legal. protect the rights and property of service users, TAKYFOOD.COM.VN and other third parties.

In the remaining cases, we will notify Buyer specifically when disclosing information to a third party and this information is provided only with the consent of the Buyer.

In case the buyer submits a complaint related to the confidentiality of customer information. As soon as receiving the information, TAKYFOOD.COM.VN will quickly perform the verification. In the case of the buyer's reflection, TAKYFOOD.COM.VN will contact the Buyer directly to handle the case on the spirit of remedy and goodwill. In case the two parties cannot reach agreement, they will bring the competent People's Court in Ho Chi Minh City to resolve.

According to the privacy policy of TAKYFOOD.COM.VN, customer information is only applied at website http://www.TAKYFOOD.COM.VN. It does not include or involve other third parties that place advertisements or links at TAKYFOOD.COM.VN.

VII. Management of bad information

a. Individuals participating in transactions on EAKYFOOD.COM.VN will be responsible for the security and keeping all activities using the service under their registered name, password and email box. . Individuals are responsible for promptly informing TAKYFOOD.COM.VN E-commerce page about acts of unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, retention of registered names and passwords of third parties for justification appropriate solution.

b. TAKYFOOD.COM.VN guarantees to provide complete and accurate information posted on EAKYFOOD.COM.VN E-commerce website, especially information on price and product quality.

c. Individuals and organizations do not use the services of E-commerce website TAKYFOOD.COM.VN for illegal, unreasonable, deceptive, threatening, illegal information exploration, sabotage, creating and spread viruses that damage the system, configure, transmit information of E-commerce website TAKYFOOD.COM.VN or use its services for speculative purposes, manipulating the market to create orders and offers. counterfeit goods, including for judging market demand. In case of violations, members must be responsible for their acts before the law.

d. Individuals and organizations may not change, modify, assign, copy, propagate, distribute, provide and create similar tools of the service provided by E-commerce website TAKYFOOD.COM.VN for a Third party, without the consent of EAKYFOOD.COM.VN in this regulation.

e. Individuals and organizations must not act to discredit TAKYFOOD.COM.VN e-commerce website in any form such as propagandizing and disseminating information not conducive to the prestige of TAKY FOOD.VN e-commerce website.

Responsibility in case of technical error

When making transactions on the Site, members are required to follow the instructions.

The management board of TAKYFOOD.COM.VN is committed to providing the best quality of service to the members participating in the transaction. In case of arising technical errors, software errors or other objective errors leading to individuals and organizations being unable to participate in transactions, individuals and organizations shall notify to e-commerce management board via address email: info@takyfood.com.vn We will fix errors in the shortest time, enabling customers to join TAKYFOOD.COM.VN.

However, the management board of E-commerce website TAKYFOOD.COM.VN will not be responsible for handling in case the customer's notice does not reach the management board, arising from technical, transmission line, software or other errors. Other errors not caused by management..

IX. Rights and obligations of Management Board of TAKYFOOD.COM.VN

1. Rights of Management Board of TAKYFOOD.COM.VN

- TAKYFOOD.COM.VN management board has the right to check the information of organizations and individuals that transact on TAKY FOOD's website

- Refuse, suspend or stop providing services to individuals and organizations in cases where there are grounds to prove that individuals and organizations providing information to TAKYFOOD.COM.VN are incorrect, incomplete, violating laws, ethics, Vietnamese fine customs and traditions.

- Refuse to provide one or all of the services on the Site in case: organizations and individuals violate the regulations or commit acts affecting business activities on website TAKYFOOD.COM.VN

- TAKYFOOD.COM.VN all rights reserved to use the service and contents on TAKYFOOD.COM.VN under Vietnamese law. "TAKYFOOD.COM.VN e-commerce site" and all logos, logos and contents in different languages ​​are owned by TAKYFOOD.COM.VN. Any unauthorized copying, use and dissemination of these rights is strictly prohibited.

2. Obligations and responsibilities of the Management Board of TAKYFOOD.COM.VN

- TAKYFOOD.COM.VN e-commerce site is responsible for developing and implementing the "inspection and supervision mechanism to ensure the provision of information of TAKY FOOD on E-commerce website is done correctly" according to specified in Clause 4, Article 36 of Decree 52/2013 / ND-CP.

- TAKYFOOD.COM.VN is always responsible for compliance with the provisions of the Commercial Law and other relevant laws on promotional activities.

- TAKYFOOD.COM.VN regularly reviews timely to provide accurate and complete information about the promoted goods and services. Strictly comply with the commitments on the quality of goods and services promoted according to the information provided on the website.

- TAKYFOOD.COM.VN is responsible for ensuring adequate and safe delivery of customers and is always ready to receive complaints from customers arising from transactions to ensure fast dispute resolution. The most, most satisfactory for the customer. Customers also refer to "The process of resolving disputes and complaints" in section III on the transaction process of this Regulation.

- TAKYFOOD.COM.VN is responsible for building the Page, which includes a number of main tasks such as: research, design, procurement of hardware and software equipment, Internet connection, policy development and restoration. Service for TAKYFOOD.COM.VN Website in the conditions and scope allowed.

- TAKYFOOD.COM.VN will conduct and cooperate with partners in building a system of services and utilities for transactions of participants and participants. Used on TAKYFOOD.COM.VN Website.

- TAKYFOOD.COM.VN website is responsible for developing and supplementing the system of knowledge and information on: foreign trade operations, e-commerce, the system of domestic and international trade legal documents. , foreign markets, as well as news related to the operation of the TAKYFOOD.COM.VN Website.

- TAKYFOOD.COM.VN will conduct promotion and promotion activities of TAKYFOOD.COM.VN to foreign markets within the scope and conditions allowed, contributing to expansion and connection. meet the needs of finding customers and developing foreign markets of members participating in TAKYFOOD.COM.VN

- The website TAKYFOOD.COM.VN will try to the highest extent within the possible conditions and conditions to maintain the normal operation of the TAKYFOOD.COM.VN Website and fix problems such as: incidents. technology of machines, software faults, internet transmission systems, personnel, social fluctuations, natural disasters, power outages, decisions of state agencies or a third party concerned. However, if the above incidents occur beyond the control, which are force majeure circumstances which cause damage to members, the TAKYFOOD.COM.VN Website shall not be jointly liable.

- TAKYFOOD.COM.VN website is responsible and timely satisfactorily when disputes or conflicts arise on the website of TAKY FOOD or buyers. And take full responsibility for the outcome of the case.

X. Member rights and responsibilities to join TAKYFOOD.COM.VN

1. Rights of Members of TAKYFOOD.COM.VN

- For members joining EAKYFOOD.COM.VN will be free of membership. Membership fee is understood as the fee to participate in activities on TAKYFOOD.COM.VN.

- Members will be provided with a separate username and password to access the services, manage their transactions on TAKYFOOD.COM.VN

- Members will be supported by employees of TAKY FOOD.VN to use tools and features for building, conducting transactions and using utility services on TAKYFOOD.COM.VN

- Members will enjoy preferential policies provided by TAKYFOOD.COM.VN or other third-party partners on TAKYFOOD.COM.VN. These preferential policies will be posted directly on EAKYFOOD.COM.VN or sent directly to members.

- Members have the right to contribute ideas for EAKYFOOD.COM.VN in the course of operation. The recommendations are sent directly by mail, fax or email to the e-commerce website TAKYFOOD.COM.VN at the contacts published on the website.

2. Obligations of Members of TAKYFOOD.COM.VN

- Members will be solely responsible for the security and storage and all activities using the service under their registered name, password and email box. Members are responsible for timely notice to the Website.

- Members commit that the information provided to TAKYFOOD.COM.VN and the information uploaded to TAKYFOOD.COM.VN is accurate and complete. Member agrees to keep and change the information on the TAKYFOOD.COM.VN that is updated, accurate and complete TAKYFOOD.COM.VN for illegal, unreasonable, deceptive, and threatening purposes. threats, leaks illegal information, sabotages, creates and spreads of viruses that cause damage to the system, configure, transmit information of the TAKYFOOD.COM.VN or use its services to The purpose of speculating and manipulating the market to create fake orders and offers, including for judging market demand. In case of violations, members must be responsible for their acts before the law.

- Members commits not to change, modify, copy, propagate, distribute, provide and create similar tools of the service provided by the TAKYFOOD.COM.VN to a third party without the permission of TAKYFOOD.COM.VN in this Regulation.

- Members must not act to discredit the TAKYFOOD.COM.VN in any form such as causing disunity among members by using a second registration name, through a third party or propagating and disseminating information not conducive to the reputation of TAKYFOOD.COM.VN.

XI. Terms of application

The Regulation of TAKYFOOD.COM.VN officially takes effect from the date of signing the Decision issued together with this Regulation. TAKYFOOD.COM.VN has the right and can change this Regulation by informing the TAKYFOOD.COM.VN to its members. The amended Regulation takes effect from the date of the Decision on the amendment to the Regulation takes effect. Members' continued use of the service after the amended Statute is published and implemented means that they have accepted this amended Statute.

Terms of commitment

Every members and partners of TAKYfood when using TAKYFOOD.COM.VN as an online purchase and sale transaction means that the parties have agreed to comply with this regulation.

Any questions of customers please contact TAKYFOOD.COM.VN according to the information below for more details:

Customers with any questions please contact the customer service department of TAKYFOOD.COM.VN:

TAKYFOOD.COM.VN e-commerce website


Address: 435 Nation Road 13, Hiep Binh Phuoc ward, Thu Duc district, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Hotline: 19006108

Email: info@takyfood.com.vn

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