Recipes fried delicious and nutritious crispy food

Date 10 month 01 year 2019

Fried dishes are very attractive, often in every family's daily meal. But if you do not know how to fried crispy food that does not affect health, then let Taky Food suggest for you!

Choose oil to fry


- You should choose soybean or canola oil, low in fat and does not lose the delicious taste of the dish.

- You can also choose olive oil, this is the best vegetable oil to make fried dishes because at high temperatures, olive oil will be more stable than corn oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil. Therefore, you can use olive oil to fry foods longer than other oils, which retain the nutrients contained in the food.

Choose fried dough


At present, many housewives choose to buy gluten-free multi-purpose flour (which helps to bind flour and food) but will cause food to absorb a lot of oil and fat. You can use low gluten-free crispy flour with main ingredients such as corn flour or rice flour to replace gluten-free multi-purpose flour.

Oil dosage and boiling temperature of oil


- You should only pour the oil on the surface of the food when fried, the food will be cooked evenly and crispy better Limit adding oil during frying as it will reduce the boiling point of the oil, which affects the crunchiness of the dish.

- Put the oil in a pan, turn on the high heat to get old oil to boil, turn down the heat to medium, then add the food to fry. A steady boiling temperature will help the food to ripen and become crispy, so do not turn it on too high so it will quickly burn and unevenly cook.

In addition, you need to pay attention to remove the debris of food that has been charred in oil as often as possible and do not use old oil to fry food again and again.

Do not fry too much food at once


You should not put too much food in one go, because the fried food will absorb a lot of oil and not crunchy anymore. You should only fry food little by little and do not fry many different foods like fish, meat ... in the same pan of oil because the dish will be mixed with the smell, the dish will be less attractive.

Use baking soda powder (baking soda)


Baking soda will reduce the absorption of grease when frying food, so you can mix a little baking soda powder into gluten-free fried dough, roll the food through the dough and bring it fried, the dish will be crispy delicious and better for health.



- You should use paper towels to dry the water on the food before frying to help the cooking oil not be shot out and the food is also crispy.

- When the oil in the pan is hot, add a few drops of lemon juice before frying food. Lemon juice will make the dish not only crunchy, but also more delicious.

- Use a deep pan to maintain the quality of the oil. Food after frying should be put on a napkin to eliminate excess oil on the surface, the dish will be dry and not oily.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you have more good tips on frying food to make delicious crispy dishes but also ensure your health.

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