Recall Policy

Date 26 month 12 year 2018

1. Regulations on the time to notify and return products:

Please inform and send the product to TAKYfood within seven (07) days (from the date of receiving the product to the date of sending the product indicated on the delivery slip) subject to the provisions of each product return policy.

Particularly for products showing signs of use; lack of products, accessories, gifts; or broken: Please notify TAKYfood within (48) hours of receiving the product.

2. Cases of accepting product returns:

Wrong product delivery, wrong color, wrong size

Lack of products, accessories / gifts.

Broken, torn before reaching customers.

Technical error due to manufacturing

The product has signs of used or expired.

3. Conditions of exchange and return:

Product intact and complete packaging, stamps.

The product is also full of accessories, gifts, warranty cards, invoices or sales receipts, instructions for use and related documents (if any).

Unused products (except for return or exchange due to technical errors or signs of used).

4. Notes when exchanging products:

Do not applied return and exchange policy for the following cases:

-  Product does not apply for return according to supplier's own policy.

-  Products purchased by installments or with special promotions / discounts.

5. How to send products for return TAKYFOOD:

You can send back products for TAKYfood in 1 of 2 the following ways in below:

-  Option 1: Take the product directly to the Customer Service of TAKYfood at address: 435 National Highway 13, Hiep Binh Phuoc ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh city.

-  Option 2: TAKYfood recalls the product at the nearest distribution address as designated by TAKYfood

6. Time and method of refund:

TAKYfood offers customers a variety of refund options based on the payment method you chose at the time of purchase:

-  Bank transfer: 03-05 working days.

-  Domestic ATM: 05-07 working days.

-  Credit / debit card: 05-15 business days.

In case the refund time has been exceeded but you still have not received the money, please contact the bank directly for support or contact TAKYfood on 19006108

7. TAKYfood recall process:

Step 1: Contact support center

Please contact support and return products via:

_ Hotline: 19006108

_ Chatlive: at web

_ Email:

For support and advice about TAKYFOOD recall process

Step 2: Instructions for return

After receiving the information from the customer, TAKYfood Customer Care staff will advise the customer about:

_ Return policy

_ Return process

Then proceed to instruct customers to send return products to TAKYfood most convenient for customers

Step 3: Receive return products

Customer service personnel receive products that need to be returned and processed:

_ Check the status of products and send to the relevant department to conduct detailed evaluation and warranty.

_ Notification of results - Product status - Direction of processing and time of processing for customers by Email + Call + SMS

Step 4: Warranty products

Customer Care Department urges and monitors the status of product handling with relevant departments to ensure the product is processed on schedule and meets the requirements of return and exchange from the Customer.

Step 5: Send new products to customer

Customer Service TAKYfood conducted:

_ Notify customers of product status after return or exchange

_ Notice of return schedule to customers: Call + Email + SMS

_ Shipping and confirm receipt of goods from customers

Step 6: Refund (if any)

In case the returned product cannot fix and need to expedite refund to ensure the interests of the customer, TAKYfood Customer Service staff shall inform to customer and follow the relevant procedures to refund to customer.

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