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Consumer comments

Thanh Huyen - Da Nang city

I am a modern woman but I still love the traditional values so I make good food for my husband and 2 children to enjoy every day. Especially on weekends or when I have free time, I usually make Vietnamese cakes for the whole family to enjoy together. Tai Ky flour brand is used frequently in the baking process as well as introduced to moms with similar interests because of the good quality of flour and many types to make Vietnamese cakes.

Thanh Huyen - Da Nang city
Fashion shop owner
Quynh Anh - HCM

Students living outside the lecture hall, some other students will choose to work part time, not like them, I like to make handmade cakes to give to my friends as well as sell the products to earn money. My products are usually soft cakes, mid-autumn cakes and cakes enjoy with tea or coffee as well as the cakes requested by the order. In order to have a good cake, ingredients with high quality are necessary as well as ensure safety - quality. Tai Ky flours is my first choice not only for its good quality of raw materials but also for its very affordable price.

Quynh Anh - HCM
Hutech's student
Van Tinh - HCM

I often go on tour a lot and I'm busy with my personal work but I have a passion for baking to enjoy myself after tired hours. TAKYfood's flour is a baking material I have trusted in my kitchen for many years. Being happy and enjoying the cake made as well as sharing it with friends and relatives is what I am most happy about and made it a small part from Tai Ky flour. I thank and wish Tai Ky flour will have more products for me and everyone can follow this passion.

Van Tinh - HCM
Model - Actor
Thu Hang - Ha Noi

As an office worker, I love snacks every day. Gradually I have a passion for making simple cakes and sweet soups to enjoy and give to everyone in the room. Taky flour brand is very easy to use and high quality, so the snack I make is very well received. I am very happy and believe that I will make more delicious dishes with Taky's flour.

Thu Hang - Ha Noi

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