How to make Gac sticky rice with coconut milk for a lucky Tet holiday

Date 15 month 01 year 2019

Gac Sticky rice have red always meant to bring good luck to homeowners so that on the eve of the New Year's Eve, many families still make gac sticky rice to eat for many days. With the recipe of simple Gac sticky rice with coconut milk below, you can easily prepare delicious sticky rice dish with rice cooker in a short time. Housewives, go to the kitchen with Taky Food and learn how to do it right away!


Raw materials for making Gac Sticky rice with coconut milk for 4-5 people:

- 1kg - 1.5kg of glutinous rice

- 1 ripe Gac fruit

- 200g of grated fresh coconut

- Coconut milk (50g of Taky coconut milk powder + 300ml of water)


- White sugar.

- 1 tbsp of white wine

How to make Gac sticky rice with coconut milk for 4-5 people to eat:

Step 1: Prepare raw materials to make Gac sticky rice with coconut milk.


- Soak sticky rice with dilute salt water overnight (about 6-8 hours)


- Gac double, remove the Gac intestine into a bowl, add 1 tbsp of white wine and ½ teaspoon salt to mix well.

Step 2: The steps to make Gac sticky rice with coconut milk.


- Pour the rice into a basket to drain and mix with the Gac meat, and squeeze the Gac seeds with the hand so that the rice is dyed an even red color.

- Put the steamer on gas stove for boiling water about 1-2 minutes, then pour the rice, tightly cover the pot.

- When the water has boiled, you can reduce the heat.


- In the process of steaming, you stir the rice several times to cook it evenly.

- When the sticky rice is cooked, add the coconut milk and sugar, beat well, cover the lid and steam the sticky rice for another 10 minutes.


- Get Gac Sticky rice on a plate, you can put in the mold you like, sprinkle with grated coconut on top and eat right when hot.

Note when making Gac sticky rice with coconut milk:

- If you do not have an autoclave, you can use the rice cooker to make sticky rice.

- Replace coconut milk with fresh coconut as you like, in which, the amount of coconut milk and sugar will depend on your taste.

Gac sticky rice is beautiful, attractive glutinous rice aroma and gentle sweet fat from coconut milk and sugar make you feel nostalgic. And of course, how to make Gac sticky rice is not as difficult as you think but actually is extremely simple. You should try to try it today to welcome the Lunar New Year to welcome the whole family.

I wish you success and have a good year with this dish Gac sticky rice with coconut milk!

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