How to make delicious Central Vietnamese pancakes with pre-mixed flour

Date 14 month 01 year 2019

Show you how to make a delicious Central Vietnamese pancake with a simple homemade powder at home. A detailed list of ingredients and steps to make pancakes will be revealed shortly.


How to make pancakes

Pancakes is a famous folk dish that has been associated with many generations of Vietnamese people, especially people in the southern region. In each different region, pancakes are varied with various kinds of fillings. In addition to the main ingredients such as rice flour, chicken eggs, shrimp, meat, bean sprouts, mushrooms ... every season, which part of it, people add all kinds of ingredients to this unique dish.

Tourists call banh xeo a "Vietnamese pizza", thinking it is not wrong, but this is a "pizza" served with raw vegetables and dipping sauce.

Although it is a rustic dish, the delicious taste of pancakes is indisputable. The thin rice paper is fried with gold, the crunchy taste, the fragrant crust smells of coconut milk, not to mention the inside of any shrimp, meat, bean sprouts, mushrooms ... each one, really delicious.

Pancakes can be used to eat, snack or eat rice instead of meals during the day. The bread is fried with oil, so if you eat a lot, it will be very fast, so that is often combined with raw vegetables, rice paper rolls and cups of sweet and sour sauce.

To enjoy pancakes you do not need to go to the shop, just buy the ingredients and make at home. The way to make pancakes and ingredients is very simple, no technical or sublime know-how, just a little dexterity is possible. On holidays, holidays or whenever gathering friends and relatives, going to the kitchen to pour pancakes and enjoy it is something everyone likes. What are you waiting for, take out your notebook and go to the kitchen to learn how to make pancakes with!

Ingredients for pancakes

- Taky Vietnamese crispy Pancake mix: 200g

- Coconut milk: 50ml, you can use the pre-bought or homemade.

- Tiger shrimp: 200g, choose a relatively large size shrimp. When buying shrimp, you should only choose the live ones, the shrimp have a smooth shell, live between fresh and clear bodies, which are fresh, firm meat. If you want to eat a lot of shrimp, you can prepare any extra ingredients you want. Note, if there is no black tiger shrimp you can use other types of shrimp.

- Bacon: 300g, buy fresh bacon, pieces of meat with bright colors, palpable non-stick hands and good elasticity. Choose a piece of meat that has a lean meat-fat ratio (70% lean, 30% fat) to eat will be delicious without worrying about being bored.

- Minced meat: 100g, you can buy ground meat or buy pieces of minced meat.

- Straw mushrooms: 300g

- Onions: 2 bulbs

- Bean sprouts: 300g

- Scallions: 1 small bunch of about 10 plants

- Turmeric powder: ½ teaspoon

- Beer: 100ml, you can use any brand of beer

- White salt: ½ teaspoon

- Garlic: 2 bulbs

- Other spices: Salt, fish sauce, seasoning seeds, monosodium glutamate

- The accompanying raw vegetables: lettuce, mustard greens, herbs, cucumber ...

- Senta rice paper roll: 1 pack

Taky packaged pancake flour
Choose black tiger prawn as this is a big size shrimp with firm and sweet meat

Steps to make pancakes

Step 1: Prepare the batter

Scallions picked up the root, washed, chopped. The first part of finely chopped white onion, reserved.

Put the pancake mix in a large bowl, add the salt and prepared turmeric powder and mix well. Next, you pour about 250ml of water with 100ml of beer, stir to loosen the dough. When the powder is dissolved with water and formed into a liquid mixture, add coconut milk and finely chopped scallions. Let the dough rest for 15-20 minutes before you start processing.

Mix salt, turmeric and pancake flour well before adding water
Add the chopped scallions into the batter to increase the flavor

Note when making pancake mix:

+ Add turmeric to help the pancakes have an attractive yellow color, but you should only use a sufficient amount, if a lot of turmeric will make pancakes bitter taste.

+ When mixing the dough with water, adjust the appropriate amount of water, do not mix the dough too liquid because it will cause the crust to be loose, not brittle as desired.

+ Surely you are wondering why adding beer to the dough, adding beer to the dough will help the crispy pancakes for longer, which is the secret to making delicious pancakes that are summarized by many people.

Step 2: Making pancake fillings

- Bacon bought and washed, drained and sliced into small, thin pieces.

- Black tiger shrimp washed, put off the head and shell, only took the shrimp meat. Note, you should withdraw all the black lines in the back of shrimp to reduce fishy shrimp.

- Put shrimp and meat together in a bowl, marinated with 1 spoon of fish sauce, 1 spoon of seasoning seeds and 1 spoon of finely chopped onion. Mix well and marinate for 10-15 minutes to infuse spices.

- Minced meat marinated with a little seasoning and then sautéed in a wok. Note, because you have bacon, you can use additional minced meat or not.

- Onions peel off the outer skin, rinse with water and cut into fibers.

- Bean sprouts washed, drained.

- Shiitake washed, sliced.

The material for filling after preparation

Raw vegetables pick up the root, remove the deep leaf, wash, wash and drain. Long, thin sliced cucumber to serve.

If more careful, you should soak vegetables, pickles with salt water for safety.

Step 3: How to make sauce pancakes

To make fish sauce, you need to prepare the following ingredients: 1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice, 3 tbsp of delicious fish sauce, 3 tbsp of filtered water, 1 tbsp of sugar, 1 tbsp of garlic + minced chili. All mix well and season to taste. You can add more watermelon.

Fish sauce sauce pancakes must have enough sour - spicy - salty sweet

Step 4: Spread pancakes

Spread pancakes, also known as fried pancakes, but do not use as much oil to fry as other dishes.

First, you shred 2 prepared garlic bulbs, add garlic to the amount of cooking oil prepared to fry the bread. North pan on the stove, heat the pan and scoop garlic oil into non-aromatic gold. Next, you add a few shrimp, pieces of meat, minced meat and a pinch of onion to stir-fry until, stir the dough and then pour 1 patch into the pan, tilt the pan to coat the dough evenly.

Stir in shrimp and meat, lightly cook and season with spices
Then scoop the dough in and evenly coat the pan

When frying it to medium heat, fry until golden brown evenly then sprinkle a pinch of sprouts, mushrooms and chopped scallions on top of the cake. Continue to fry until the bread is golden brown, the edge is slightly dry and turn up, then skillfully fold the cake, flip all sides and then take out immediately on the disc (lined with oil-proof paper).

When it's cooked, add the price, chop mushrooms and scallions on top
Fold the bread in half, flip the sides evenly and then take out immediately.

Do the same until the material runs out.

Note when frying pancakes:

You can fry the pancake until it is golden brown or crispy golden, the longer you fry it, the more crispy it will be.

Pancakes should be eaten fried immediately, at that time the cake holds a crispy, attractive flavor. If you wait to finish cooking, the cakes may be soft, not delicious.

After frying the pancake, place the cake on a blotting paper or the grill to make it clear.

Step 5: Present and enjoy

Serving raw vegetables, rice paper rolls, pancakes and fish sauce dot with.

Fried pancakes are finished so take advantage of hot food

You use scissors to cut the cake into small pieces and roll rice paper with raw vegetables, cucumber, sweet and sour sauce and sweet and then enjoy.

Pancakes with delicious raw vegetables

Ask for the cake dish

The dark yellow pancake is beautifully folded in half.

The crust is thin, crispy, fragrant and smells of coconut milk. The cake is delicious, delicious with shrimp, meat, bean sprouts, mushrooms.

The cake is dry, not sticky or contains a lot of oil and fat.

With this simple way of making pancakes, you can go to the kitchen often to donate a housewife. I wish you success and have a delicious meal!

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