How To Make Corn Flour Bread For A Pure First Morning Breakfast

Date 24 month 12 year 2018

Cornstarch, also known as cereal cake, is a vegetarian food group for holidays or more simply the full moon day, the first of every month. And also because it is a vegetarian dish, this cake is easy to make, and has a simple but extremely attractive flavor. In addition, these eye-catching small golden brown cakes like this help you easily take them anywhere as snacks. Learn how to make cornflakes for a pure first-day breakfast with Tai Ky right away!


Ingredients for making cornstarch cakes for 3 people:

- ½ cup (125ml) Tai Ky flour

- 2 tablespoons Tai Ky cornstarch

- 1 teaspoon of diameter

- 1 teaspoon of baking soda powder

-        1 egg

- 150ml of milk

- 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil

How to make cornstarch for 3 people:

Step 1: Preliminary processing of ingredients for making corn flour.

- Chicken eggs, you break into a bowl and separate the yolk.

Step 2: Steps to make cornflakes.


- First, you put the ingredients including: flour, cornstarch, white sugar, baking soda and a little salt in a large bowl.


- Next, you take another bowl and put the egg yolks, milk and vegetable oil together.

- After that, you use a spatula to beat the eggs and beat the custard mixture.


- Next, you pour the custard bowl into the bowl of flour mixture and continue stirring. So that the dough we get will be quite thick, the dough is soft and not lumpy


- The next step, you put a pan on the stove and heat a little bit of cooking oil.


- When the oil is boiling, you scoop a small tablespoon of flour into the pan. At first, the dough will bubble, but only about 1 minute, so you just leave it alone.

- We will fry the cake for a few minutes or until one side is golden brown, then turn the pan and fry the second side.


- And on the second side of the cake, you only need to fry for about 1 minute to be able to take it out.

- Do the same thing until the dough is gone.

- Finally, when the cake is finished, you will present the cake on a plate and serve with vegetable salad or jam as you like.


Note when making cornflakes:

- Because we make cakes according to the pancake-style recipe, when you fry, pay attention not to give too much grease, just enough to cover a thin layer in the pan. You can even fry without oil.

- One more thing, because the cakes we make are to serve, if you prefer it to simply turn them into cakes, you can add sugar to the cake.

- With this cake you can store for about 2 weeks in the cooler of the refrigerator and remember to keep the cake in a sealed box.

Although cornstarch is simple in the way of making as well as the ingredients, it has an unforgettable taste and is really attractive. In addition, cornstarch is very delicious, easy to eat and not as greasy as some oily dishes, making breakfast on the full moon a very nutritious and pure day. Please try and feel it.

Wish you all success and enjoy your meal with this flour cake!

(According to Wikihow)

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