How to Make Birthday Cream Cake Soft, Fragrant, Beautiful

Date 24 month 12 year 2018

The way to make a birthday cake is not difficult, just a few steps you will have a delicious and beautiful finished product.

Cream cake is an indispensable dish in birthday parties. You are free to go out to buy or order at your own pace. However, it makes sense that the cake is completely made by your own hands to surprise the receiver.

1. Ingredients for making birthday cake

1.1 Raw materials for making cake

If you are planning to make a birthday cake with a round shape of about 18 - 21cm, you need to prepare the following quantity:

- Tai Ky multi-purpose flour: 40g

- Tai Ky cornstarch: 40g

- Butter: 30g

- Fresh milk without sugar: 15g

Chicken eggs: 4 fruits with a weight of about 55 - 60g

- Sugar: 80g

- Fresh lemon: ¼ fruit

- Some salt.


1.2 Ice cream ingredients

- Egg white: 1 fruit

- Sugar white sand: about 50g

- Unsalted butter: 100g.

1.3 Baking tools

- Mixing bowl of ingredients, egg beater or hand-held drum mixer, baking mold, oven, ice cream bag and insulated gloves.

2. How to make a basic birthday cake

How to make cream cake

Step 1: Beat the egg yolks with flour

- Put milk, butter and prepared cooking oil in a bowl and steam it. Wait until the butter is melted, stir well and remove from the stove. When steaming this mixture, do not heat it too hot or let it boil vigorously, as it will lead to clumping when mixed with the dough. Just warm and steam up.

- Sift the flour and cornstarch to make it smooth first, then mix with the mixture just steamed above.

Separate the egg yolks and egg whites. Take the yolks and stir well in the same direction until the dough is smooth, thick and lump-free.

Step 2: Beat the egg whites


- Put the rest of the egg whites in a large clean bowl and beat them with a whisk.

- Initially just press on a small level, after 10 seconds, turn on the maximum level, hit for 35-40 seconds, when you see air bubbles, turn off the engine. Check if the mixture is hard, the slope does not come out.

- Continue to turn on the machine and add sugar, beat until you see that the mixture of egg whites is smooth, thin, smooth, not red, can be scooped into pieces.

- Put a little salt, the pulp of ¼ lemon in a bowl and mix well.

- Divide the whipped egg whites into 3. Each time, add one part to the dough, scoop and stir from the bottom up to help the egg whites and flour blend. This also limits the rupture of the air bubbles in the egg whites.

Step 3: Put the dough in the mold


- Before you put the dough in the mold, you should add foil or parchment paper, coat a layer of cooking oil or butter on the mold so that after baking, the cake will not stick to the mold.

- Put all the mixture you made above into the cake mold. Tap the table a few times to let the large air bubbles burst.

Step 4: Bake the cake

- To bake cakes, the oven must be opened first at a temperature of 165 degrees C or 175 degrees C for 10 - 15 minutes (for dark molds) before baking.

- Put the cake in the oven at the set temperature before, bake 2 fires for 25 - 30 minutes.

- Bake until it smells aromatic, press lightly on the surface of the cake and then puff it back up. Then take the cake out.

The above temperature is for large, thermostatically stable ovens. If your house only uses a small oven, the temperature difference between the upper and lower heat, you should lower the temperature to 10 - 15 degrees C, bake for a longer time so that the cake does not fall flat during baking.

2.2 How to make coating cream


Step 1: Cook sugar

You prepare a small pot of water, then pour in sugar. The amount of sugar and water overlap. Then cook it until the sugar is completely dissolved and the glue is ok.

Step 2: Mix sugar with egg white

- The sugar that has been glue cooked is brought to a bowl with egg whites. Use a whisk vigorously beaten on high until the mixture is fluffy and fluffy.

Step 3: Mix the butter

With the sugar and egg whites mixture, add the unsalted butter and beat again. Once it feels smooth and creamy, it's fine. And this final mixture is called buttercream.

3. Decorate beautiful birthday cake

3.1 Decorative materials

To decorate a beautiful and attractive cream cake depends on your taste, skillfulness. However, there are a few basic ingredients that are commonly used to decorate a cake:

Buttercream (made in part 2)

- Fruits such as strawberries, cherries,

- Chocolate or cocoa powder ...

3.2 Decoration

Step 1: Cover the birthday cake with cream


- With the ice cream you have prepared, you keep a little to put in the ice cream catcher bag to make other small decorative details. The rest covers the entire cake.

- When covering, you pay attention to cover the top and around the cake, spread it smooth.

Step 2: Put the cake in the refrigerator freezer

- For a better decoration, the cream does not melt or smear when decorating, you should put the cake in the freezer for about 20-25 minutes after applying the cream. This will make it easier to decorate.

Step 3: Decorate the cake


This is the step that you can fully unleash your creativity according to your liking.

- If you want to eat chocolate-covered cream cake, you can melt chocolate with Whipping cream in 1: 1 ratio, then quickly pour the mixture on the middle of the cake surface, so the chocolate will quickly spread the whole powder surface. the cake. Or if you just want to create chocolate flows, you can put them in the ice cream bag, cut the top of the bag very small and squeeze it gently along the edge of the cake.

- Otherwise, you can make it simpler with fresh cream garnish, sprinkle with cocoa powder or fruits like grapes, strawberries or cherries are also delicious and attractive.


4. Finished product requirements and storage

- The cake is soft, soft, moist and heavy enough to support the decoration.

- The cake when baked is not dented or broken.

- The cake does not have the fishy smell of the egg.

- The cake decorations are neat, clean, and do not allow the cream to stick to other decorations.

Once finished, the cake should be stored in the refrigerator cooler or in the cake cabinet at a temperature below 10 degrees Celsius.


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