What is wheat flour (all purpose flour)? Roles and applications

Date 27 month 12 year 2018

When making cakes or cooking, may be you have heard about a variety of dough. Which is tapioca flour, wheat flour, kudzu flour, rice flour ... Only wheat flour, there are many types. But for many people, without much knowledge about wheat flour, they will not know the different types. Let's discover a flour called All purpose flour.

In life, All purpose flour is a fairly common type of flour, they can make a lot of pastries or combine with some flour, some other ingredients to make delicious cakes. If you understand this material deeply, it will help you a lot when you enter the kitchen!


All purpose flour, also known as flour No. 8, is quite familiar in baking

What is All purpose flour?

All purpose flour is the name of all-purpose flour, which is familiar to bakers and housewives to people who often go to the kitchen. As the name implies, this flour has many different uses, it has a gluten content of about 11.5%. In the bakery industry, this is the most common type of dough. People use them to make many different types of bread, even the simplest, most improvised ones are often made from all-purpose flour. However, the biggest application of All purpose flour is to make cakes that are not picky, not too difficult and not too high in terms of strictness in flavor as well as finished products.

Some types of sweet bread also use all purpose flour due to its convenience. However, at bakeries, confectionery manufacturing facilities, or professional bakery shops, these powders are often not used. Usually, they choose the dough for each type of cake, and also depends on the gluten content requirements of different types of cakes.

In Vietnam, people used to call all purpose flour the flour flour No. 8 and today this calling is still the same. 


Knowing the knowledge of All purpose flour will help you have the proper usage

The role of all purpose flour

In baking, all purpose flour is a common type of flour used in cakes. This type of powder is light, smooth, low gluten content and has a protein content of about 9%, so the flour is also high in moisture.

Takyfood Multi-purpose flour is dedicated to the baking-loving community

In life, all purpose flour is often used to make cakes with a dense and heavy texture such as foam cake, gato, muffin ... These are common and familiar cakes for everyone. Because the dough is quite easy to mix, also has good properties, the method of making these cakes is not too difficult.

On the contrary, people often mix all purpose flour with some other flour or mix with baking powder to help the cake bloom better, limiting condensation, poor sponge.

In addition to the above cakes, you can apply all purpose flour to make other cakes such as cakes, cookies, bread crumbs, fried dough ...

Hopefully the information on all purpose flour will help you use the best flour and bring the most effective for your baking process. Good luck!


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