What is tapioca starch with coconut flavor? How to use

Date 15 month 12 year 2018

As sugars, milk or ice-cream, tapioca starch with coconut flavor is one of the indispensable ingredients in sweet recipes. So what is tapioca starch with coconut flavor? And how to use it? Let's find out right with Takyfood.

In recipes such as sweet soup, cream, coconut cream or milk tea, people enjoy using tapioca starch with coconut flavor to create greasy and gelatinous flavors for the dish, making the dish more attractive. tapioca starch with coconut flavor is often sold at supermarkets or bakeries.

What is tapioca starch with coconut flavor?

Tapioca Starch With Coconut Flavor (also known as Tapioca Starch With Coconut Flavor), also known as coconut milk powder, is a smooth powder, white, sweet and aromatic taste of coconut, very attractive. In addition to making thick and aromatic aroma for the sweet soup, the coconut milk powder can also be used to enhance the specific flavor of bread or make ice cream, make milk tea ... Here are some ways to make dishes from coconut milk powder, let's refer!


 Tapioca Starch With Coconut Flavor, also known as coconut milk powder, as a thickener and increases the sweetness of the dish (Image: Internet)

How to use

1. Make fresh cream


– 300ml fresh milk (Can use non-sugar milk or non-dairy creamer)

– 20ml vanilla liquid

– 30g Tapioca Starch With Coconut Flavor Taky

– 200ml cold water

– 100g sugar

– Mold, equipment filter


Can use Tapioca Starch With Coconut Flavor making fresh cream

Make fresh cream

- Step 1: First, you put Taky Tapioca Starch With Coconut Flavor in a bowl of cold water for about 15-20 minutes. Note, the level of water you have to moderate so that the powder absorbed into the water just enough paste to make cream.

- Step 2: Add fresh milk to the pot and simmer over low heat. During the cooking process, stir your hands thoroughly so that milk does not stick to the bottom of the pot or burn. Boil fresh milk until frothy milk turns off the heat and let the milk cool down.

- Step 3: When the milk cools, you pour the mixture of fat just soaked in and stir well to mix milk and Tapioca Starch With Coconut Flavor together. Next, you add sugar and liquid vanilla, then use the whisk to beat the mixture.

- Step 4: When finished whipping cream, put it in the fridge for 90 minutes. During the incubation process, every 20 minutes, you put the cream on the shuffle to make the cream more spongy. When have enough time to warm, you put the fresh cream in the freezer compartment for about 5-6 hours, so the sweet vanilla ice cream is complete already!

2. Make milk tea


– 2 – 3 tea bag

– 500g  Taky Tapioca Starch With Coconut Flavor

– 100g sugar

– Prepare topping: Pearl, pudding, jelly…


Make milk tea

- Step 1: Boil 500ml of boiling water, then put in a cup and brew the tea bag for about 10 minutes. During the process of making tea, you sometimes gently shake the tea bag to make the tea inside the bag melt evenly.

- Step 2: Next, you add Tapioca Starch With Coconut Flavor and sugar to a bowl, then use a spoon to mix together. Then, you add the freshly brewed bag of tea to the mixture of sugar and Tapioca Starch With Coconut Flavor, stir until sugar is completely dissolved, tea and milk are combined.

- Step 3: Then, you put milk tea into a glass and put ice in to drink. You can put in your favorite milk tea with topping like pearls or pudding to make the milk tea more attractive.

Tapioca Starch With Coconut Flavor is easy to identify and how to use it is simple and wonderful. With just quick and simple steps, you have a fresh cream and milk tea from cool Tapioca Starch With Coconut Flavor to cool down on the hot day. Good luck!

In baking, flour is an indispensable ingredient, but depending on the different types of cakes, specific flour will be used.

Where to buy Tapioca starch with coconut flavor? How much?

You can buy Tapioca Starch With Coconut Flavor at markets, supermarkets or bakeries, which are commonly used with many different brands. Tapioca Starch With Coconut Flavor price can range from 80,000 to 150,000 VND / 1kg. If you just use less you can buy small packages weighing 250g, 500g.

The above is a summary of information about what is Tapioca Starch With Coconut Flavor, the composition of the Tapioca Starch With Coconut Flavor. At the same time, you will also learn more about how to make it and replace it, with the above information hoping you can know how to use this material better. Wish you success with good food for you and your family.

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