What is rice flour? How to make rice flour?

Date 26 month 12 year 2018

Rice flour is an indispensable ingredient in many dishes and delicious cakes of Vietnamese cuisine. Rice flour is widely used from the South to the North. So, in this article we will learn about this type of material, to see what is rice flour and refer to how to make simple rice flour at home!

If, for Asian countries, rice is a long-standing staple ingredient in the main meal, rice flour is the main ingredient of many familiar foods in these countries. Rice flour has a long-standing origin and most, in the culinary culture of Asian countries in general and Vietnam in particular, the dishes and cakes made from rice flour are available during the New Year or traditional festival


What is rice flour?

Rice flour (also known as fart rice) is a type of flour made from rice by the immersion and grinding method. Rice flour is the main ingredient of many familiar foods in Asian countries, many traditional cakes of Asian countries are mainly rice flour.

Classification of rice flour

Rice flour is divided into 3 categories: glutinous rice, ordinary rice and whole grain rice flour
Ordinary rice flour: Often referred to as "rice flour", is a type of rice flour blended from ordinary rice grains (rice used to cook rice for daily consumption). Rice flour can be used for making rice porridge, making clear flour cake...
Glutinous rice flour: Often referred to as "glutinous flour", is a type of rice flour ground from glutinous rice grains (rice used to cook sticky rice dishes). doughnut (sweet), doughnut (salty), black glutinous rice cake, Daifuku...
Whole grain rice flour: Not only fiber, it includes bran, starch and bacteria. During milling or processing most of the bran and bacteria are lost. Therefore, remove most of the fiber, nutrition and only the remaining calories. That explains why using refined foods will have less nutrients than whole foods.

The quality of the rice flour depends on the quality of the rice used to produce the flour and the production method. Rice flour is delicious flour must be smooth without impurities, white, not to be sour and have the aroma of rice.

Standard rice flour processing

Soaking: Making soft rice grains easy to grind because the water will soak into the rice grains (hydration process) to soften the rice grains, the membrane of the cell, helping the rice and starch grinding process to be released easily when grinding.

Grind: The grinding process breaks down the structure of the rice grain and the cell membrane, releasing the starch contained in the granule of the rice grain cell. In addition, the grinding process also helps homogenize the granules to form a powder for rice flour.

Stir: The purpose of the stirring process is to allow the starch molecules to escape completely from the seminal sachets to increase starch recovery efficiency. In addition, when stirring some light impurities mixed with rice will emerge and be removed easily. The stirring process also helps the lipids (fats in rice) to escape and float and will be removed.

Decanting: To separate the dough from the water, two methods of filtration, decantation or centrifugation.

Dividing wet dough: After settling, the dough will be collected to form a paste. This powder will be divided on cloth covered bamboo tray. The amount of dispensing should be uniform on the macros to ensure a uniform dryness. The fabric layer will make it easier to pick up the dough when it is dry.

Exposure: Powder after sharing will be dried or dried to less than 15% moisture. Exposure time is about 4 - 6 hours. The drying process will reduce the moisture content of the rice flour to below the level needed by microorganisms and mold that can grow and spoil the dough. After the powder is dried, it can be packaged and preserved or can be finely ground and then packed.


Takyfood Rice flour 

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