What is corn starch ? The use of corn starch in cuisine

Date 27 month 12 year 2018

In many baking recipes you will hear about corn starch pretty much. However, many people wonder what is corn starch, what is the composition of corn starch, and many women still ask corn starch is Tapioca starch? To answer the questions we read the following article.

Corn starch (cornstarch) is considered an indispensable ingredient for a number of recipes for baking, ice cream or processing some dishes. From some fresh cakes as well as cakes, cupcake or some dry cakes like coconut cakes, cookies ... all can be used 10-20% corn starch to replace wheat flour to make the product flavor More delicious, more crunchy.

Corn starch is also used in many recipes for soups, sauces...The following article is about the sharing of corn starch (cornstarch) so that you can better understand this ingredient.


What is Corn starch?

Corn starch (cornstarch) is a fine flour made from the core of the corn kernels, which is a widely used flour in food processing or baking. Corn starch is used to create adhesives and thickeners in various dishes. Unlike wheat flour, corn starch is shaped after cooking.

When processing corn starch, pay attention to stir the corn starch in the final stage of the dish when they are cooked or boiling, in baking, add it to the flour. Do not put corn starch in acidic solutions such as lemon, vinegar, apple juice, or orange juice as they will not stick.

Ingredients of corn starch

Taken from the core of the grain, corn starch also contains quite a lot of nutrients and some other content. Accordingly, corn starch contains ingredients such as: Calories (kcal), Lipids, Fat, Sodium, Potassium, Carbohydrates, Fiber, Sugar, Protein, Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin B6, Magnesium ...


Corn starch with fineness is made from the core of the corn kernels (Image: Internet)

The use of corn starch

The main uses of corn starch mentioned in baking or processing ordinary dishes are as thickening properties, creating adhesion for sauces, soups, puddings, ice cream or creating delicious flavors for some types of cookies and cakes. In addition, corn starch is also used as an auxiliary for baked goods, or used to produce some other foods and drinks such as amino acid dextrose, alcohol, monosodium glutamate ... Cornstarch is also used for processing coffee, producing coffee with about 10% popcorn will get the glue, the remaining 90% is ground coffee.

Cornstarch helps balance blood fat and helps prevent cardiovascular disease. Cornstarch made from refined starches will have little nutritional value because they do not contain much of the fiber, protein and some minerals in the outer shell and seed germ

How to make corn starch

Common corn starch is processed with the method of separating corn kernels into 4 different parts including: starch, corn germ, fiber and protein. After separation, the fiber and protein will be processed into animal feed, the corn germ is refined into corn oil, the remaining starch is used in food processing or confectionery. is corn starch.

Corn starch is produced through immersion, grinding, separation, filtration, drying and is classified as one of the fermented starches. The corn kernels used to produce the flour are soaked in water for 30-48 hours to allow the corn to slowly ferment, when the germ of the corn starch is separated from the endosperm, the two components are separated from the corn kernels. Next, people will filter the core of the corn and dry them with a centrifuge to get the desired cornstarch

Is Corn starch form tapioca starch?

Corn starch is not tapioca starch, but these two types of common use are as binders for food fairly well. In some cases, if there is no corn starch we can use instead of tapioca, we can understand tapioca as follows:

Tapioca starch extracted from cassava roots, which has a higher viscosity and adhesive capacity than corn starch. Due to such high adhesion, this powder is often used to prepare some interesting shaped cakes, one of the unique dishes such as jelly, sweet gruel, cakes such as clear flour cake, dimsum, steamed layer cakes ... (What is tapioca starch)

Can be replaced corn starch?

In addition to tapioca starch used to replace in some cases such as cooking soup, cooking sweet soup ... you can use it entirely with wheat flour, or use potato flour. However, cakes that require the use of corn starch should use the right flour, such as cakes like Chiffon, Japanese Cottony Cheese cake or porous cakes that cannot replace corn starch.


Corn starch is used quite a lot in cooking sweet soup, soup, and making cakes (Photo: Internet)

Where to buy corn starch? How much?

You can buy Takyfood corn starch or Takoky at markets, supermarkets or bakeries, which are commonly used with many different brands. Takyfood corn starch price can range from 15,000 - 17,000 / 150g.


Above is a summary of information about what is cornstarch, the composition of the use of corn starch. At the same time, you will also learn more about how to make corn starch and how to replace it, with the information above hoping you can know how to use this material better. Wishing you success!

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